Precious Metals in Your IRA

Jun 12, 2023
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Precious Metals in a Self Directed IRA

Are you interested in owning Gold or Silver your Self Directed IRA? Many people are, for two main reasons:

  1. They are concerned the Stock Market is overpriced and ready for a major setback.
  2. They know they could consider Cryptocurrencies. However, they’re concerned the whole Crypto market may be a house of cards that could eventually collapse.

Smart Investors

The smartest Gold or Silver investors watch for three things when making their investment:

The Spread

The difference between the buy and sell price of the metal. Some companies have a widespread which make it difficult to make a profit

Shipping Fees

Precious Metals held by an IRA or Solo 401(k) should be held in a recognized and safe depository. As a result, the dealer will add shipping fees to your order.


How safe is the place where your Precious Metals are being stored?

We have seen cases where the metal was not really where the depository claimed it to be. Sadly, in every case, it was not a matter of someone breaking into the storage facility but rather neglect or theft by the depository management.


When investing in Precious Metals, investigate investing in the most commonly traded forms. There are dealers who will want to sell you coins that you have never heard of from countries you cannot find on the map. This should be avoided, as you want to be in a liquid market.

The IRA Club Advantage

IRA Club deals with many (but not all) Precious Metals dealers. IRA Club has identified dealers who:

  1. Offer a narrow buy-sell price spread.
  2. Keep shipping costs low.
  3. Only use certified safe Precious Metals storage facilities.
  4. Specialize in actively traded metals to assure liquidity.

Contact us today to discuss adding Precious Metals to your Self Direct IRA or Solo 401k! (312) 795-0988 or email us at [email protected]


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