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Invest in Real Estate

Receive monthly cash flow for your IRA when you invest in rental property like single family residential homes.

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Things to Know Before You Invest:

  • The IRS prohibits the account owner from using the property for personal reasons.
  • All property expenses including taxes, insurance, and repairs, must be paid from funds in your Self-Directed IRA.
  • All earnings, such as rental income and the proceeds from a sale, must go back to the IRA account.
  • The account owner (or any family members) cannot perform physical work on the property. It would be best to use a handyperson, contractor, or use a property management company.
  • Consider the allocation of your commitment, cost, and time.
  • The purchase should not constitute a prohibited transaction.

Why Invest?

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Investment Options

Alpine Capital Solutions
Manufactured Housing Syndication Turnkey Real Estate

We provide passive, turnkey, real estate investment opportunities to individual investors all over the world! We currently manage thousands of properties all over the U.S. for investors just like you. We buy hundreds of single family homes every year that we fix up, rent out, and manage. Unlike our competitors, we do NOT outsource any of our businesses

Rent to Retirement
Private Placement Real Estate Turnkey Real Estate

At Rent to Retirement, we help our clients in purchasing and acquiring properties by maximizing their equity and cash flow. Whether it’s your 1st or 50th property, our experienced team will help you achieve your financial goals. You can enjoy the benefits of real estate investing at a reasonable price. Live where you choose and invest in the market that offers the best returns!


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