IRA Tips For Smart Investors

Jun 12, 2023
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Will my IRA be subject to Estate taxes if I die?

Yes if your total estate is $11.58 Million or higher ($23.16 Million for a married couple). If the value of your estate is below this level, there will be No Estate Transfer Tax.

Buying Residential Real Estate with your IRA has been a reliable investment for over a decade. Will this last?

  • All indications point to at least another 15 years of reliable growth.
  • There is a short supply of homes on the market as new constructions have been running below the of new houses needed to satisfy new family formation.
  • 76 Million Baby Boomers (age 56 to 74) will be reassessing their housing needs in the next decade as they approach retirement. As their needs have changed, many of the 76 Million will be moving over the next 15 years.

Add to that:

How do I minimize risks to my IRA Investment?

  • We all have enough risks such as Medical Risks, Job & Career Risks and Family Emergency Risks. We sure don’t need to add IRA Investment Risks to this list.
  • Avoid taking on leverage inside your retirement account. We know increasing leverage can increase returns, however, increased leverage will also dramatically increase the risk of loss.
  • Avoid working with newbies. You want to rely on experienced people. No classroom or book can take the place of hands-on experience.
  • Look for Stable and Reliable growth. The guy offering you a 100% return may not be around after he gets your check.

Roth Conversions

Work with an IRA Administrator who is responsive and knowledgeable.

  • You might expect that all IRA Administrators are created equal. Not so! Many IRA Administrators run their customer service departments understaffed thus creating long waits on hold.
  • Others have insufficient training programs for their employees. This leaves you with unanswered questions. IRA Club is serious about maintaining a full and knowledgeable staff of professionals who can answer your every question and walk you through every transaction!


For information about the Self Directed IRA or Solo 401k, call IRA Club at 312-795-0988


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