Attention Alternative Investment Professionals

Jun 6, 2023
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Do you offer alternative investments?


If you offer alternative investment opportunities such as Real Estate, Undeveloped Land, Life Settlements, Promissory Notes, Precious Metals, Oil and Gas, Syndications, etc, this may be the opportunity you have been waiting for. 


Here is why.

Since the Government started keeping records there had never been this much money sitting on the sidelines. Between February 1-May 12, 2020 the 20 largest fund families recorded $154 billion on net outflow (source: Morningstar Direct). Above all, much of these outflows are coming from retirement accounts seeking to reevaluate where to hold their long-term cash. 


Where did all the money go? 

While some has been reallocated, a great deal of excess cash is still looking for an opportunity. Much of this money has not yet been spent, invested, or reallocated. In other words, these cash holders are eager to put their funds to work!


How much are we talking about? 

Today there is almost $5 trillion filling money market funds. This is twice as much as just two years ago. Let’s take a closer look at these money market funds. At today’s rates: 

  • Fidelity clients are earning about .003%  
  • Charles Schwab are earning about .0025%
  • Chase Bank are earning about .0005%


Where do you fit in?

Investors sitting on that $5 trillion in money markets are already becoming restless with the dismal returns they are earning. In addition, many folks age 60+ are reluctant to place all their money in the stock market again.


Two questions for you: 

  1. The investments you offer, do they have the potential to be more stable than the stock market?
  2. The investments you offer, do they have the potential to pay a return that is greater than the money market returns listed above? 

If you answered “yes” to the above two questions, there are millions of people waiting the hear from you! There has never been a better time to connect with your prospects. Why? You have what they need. In conclusion, Coronavirus, or not, there is one thing we can be sure of. That $5 trillion is looking for a home. In addition, a good majority of that cash will be retirement funds and you need a self directed IRA administrator. IRA Club is here to back you up with our fast response time and professional service for your clients.     


For information about the Self Directed IRA or Solo 401k, and how we can assist you and your clients, please call IRA Club at 312-795-0988.


Be advised that IRA Club does not evaluate, review, monitor, recommend, warrant, guarantee or otherwise endorse the legality, tax treatment, propriety, performance or reliability of any investment, service, statement, opinion or other representation provided with respect to the investment opportunities listed on its site or their sponsors or providers. IRA Club has no financial arrangement, partnership, joint venture, or other affiliation with the sponsors or providers of these investments. IRA Club shall not be liable for any misinformation, misrepresentation, negligence, act, omission, investment results, or any wrongdoing with respect to any of these investments or their sponsors or providers.

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