Volatility, and How to Beat It

Jun 12, 2023
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Gauging Volatility

Over 15% of the stock market’s value disappeared in less than six months. There are bottlenecks in most industries caused by a shortage of qualified people. The Federal Reserve is cooling the economy to combat historical inflation but may spook the markets in the process.

Thirteen states are actively considering reducing or eliminating their income tax. At the very same time, 37 states are holding fast or searching for more tax revenue.

We can’t put our money into fixed-income investments because each time interest rates increase, the value of such investments will decline. Fixed income yields are inversely related to interest rates.

The stock market is unable to give us a clear signal. Investing in start-ups is always risky. We also need to consider the uncertainty caused by the questionable temperament of a world leader who has nuclear weapons. Volatility is everywhere.

Where to Put Your Money?

Is there a place your money can grow? Here’s a clue. Builders are still building fewer homes than are needed to match the demand. The number of new houses required is:

[Household Formation + Immigration – Deaths]

  • Construction costs will continue to increase
  • People are working and can pay the rent
  • Real Estate prices are insulated from volatility in the stock market

The “R” in Residential Real Estate stands for “reliable” in uncertain times. Many good real estate programs are available nationwide, and some you’ll find on Investor’s Row. We encourage you to do your research, then invest using a tax-efficient vehicle like a Self Directed IRA, Self Directed Roth IRA, or other account offered by IRA Club.

For information about a Self Directed IRAs, Solo 401(k)s, or alternative investments,
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