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Real Estate Investing for Retirement: Harnessing the Power of Self-Directed IRAs​

February 22nd, 2024 12 PM EST

Take control of your future and discover a better way to invest for your retirement with a Self-Directed IRA hosted by IRA Club and real estate expert, Aaron Adams.

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Aaron Adams

CEO & Founder
Alpine Capital Solutions
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Ramez Fakhoury

Vice President
IRA Club
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Dennis Blitz

CEO & Founder
IRA Club

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february 22nd , 2024 12 pm EST

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Here’s What You’ll Learn


The benefits and potential of Self-Directed IRAs


How to diversify your retirement portfolio with real estate investments


Strategies for identifying promising properties and calculating potential returns


How to reduce your investment risk and maximize your returns



“Working with the IRA Club has been a great experience. They are professional, competent, and responsive. I have appreciated the communication and help with their platform. I highly recommend them."

Nate G

Largo, Florida


"I have received excellent service and attention from the staff at IRA Club. From the moment that I was introduced to them as an organization and all the way through the process of getting my accounts funded, they have been extremely responsive and an organization that I have recommended to several friends and family."

Vasio S

Chicago, Illinois


"IRA CLUB is everything I was hoping for and more. They helped make the property sale, 401k transfer, and the entire transaction flawless! You'll likely talk to various IRA CLUB reps, but each one had a role and they executed flawlessly. Thank you for making my first IRA CLUB experience perfect."

Sig D

Miami, Florida

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Meet The Experts

Since IRA Club opened its doors, they have helped thousands of people just like you secure their financial future. Meet the experts you’ll be hearing from.

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Aaron Adams

He is currently the CEO of Alpine Property Management and Alpine Capital Solutions, as well as managing partner in a private equity firm and managing partner of several dozen companies.

Picture 3 Ramez

Vice President

Ramez Fakhoury

As an entrepreneur with a rich background spanning over two decades, Ramez is deeply commited to education and inspiring individuals, empowering them to venture beyond conventional paths and diversify their investments through the power of self-direction.

Picture 1 Dennis


Dennis Blitz

Dennis is a Self-Directed IRA, Solo 401(k), and Health Savings Account professional, active writer and speaker on the topic of Self-Directed IRAs, he monitors legislative actions relating to IRAs, Individual 401(k)s & HSAs, and is passionate about helping people just like you earn more.

IRA Club Benefits

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FDIC Insured

IRA/401(k) cash is FDIC insured

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Flat Fee Structure

Flat fees and straightforward pricing

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Free IRA Reports

Free annual IRA tax reporting
(RMDs, 1099-R, 5498, 5500 forms)

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Investor's Row

Explore alternative investment opportunities

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Concierge Service

Friendly, White Glove service

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Educational Resources

Up-to-date educational resources on IRS regulations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common Self-Directed IRA questions. Have others?
Sign up for our webinar and ask us live!

IRA Club provides a way for people like you to fully utilize the benefits of Self-Directed IRAs, leading to a wider range of investments and potential for better returns.

It’s an IRA that gives you more choices for where you want to invest your money, not just in regular stocks or bonds.

Self-Directed IRAs were passed by Congress back in 1974. Alternative IRA investments have always been allowed by the IRS, however, many IRA companies have placed artificial restrictions on IRA owners over the years. Self-Directed IRAs are not well known because most banks and brokerage firms prefer traditional investments.

It’s easy to make investments with a Self-Directed IRA. Once you find your investment and provide money to the seller, you will receive proof that your Self-Directed IRA is the new owner. It can be in the form of a Bill of Sale, title, deed, or simply a statement identifying your Self-Directed IRA as the asset’s new owner. The main difference is that the name on the title (or other documents) is the name of your Self-Directed IRA and not your name as an individual.

Yes. The most common way for an IRA to buy an asset is to pay cash. However, there may be times when an alternative method of payment is practical.

Maximum Contributions for 2024:

Under age 50 – $7,000
Age 50 and over – $8,000